Hey, I am Dimitra but feel free to call me Dibiri, Dimitria, Diria… if you fall into the people who find it hard to pronounce my name. 


I am an experienced Senior Art Director / Associate Creative Director who loves to travel and dive into new experiences currently based in London. 


I got into advertising somehow by chance when one of my professors at College spotted my eye for detail and offered me a job as a retoucher and illustrator. Obviously, my biggest clients were most of the big agencies and my job was to transform rough mock-ups into final, pixel-perfect visuals. Amongst the sometimes clever or other times average ideas, I also had to work on some, well, not so good ones. And in one case I got furious having to visualise an idea with so many obvious flaws, I felt like picking up the phone to the agency to offer them an alternative that did. At which point my teacher replied with something that made me change my career: “You are here to execute. If you want to have ideas, go to an ad agency.”


And I did. 


Since then, I have worked for the two biggest advertising agencies in Athens and

I have been awarded many times nationally and Internationally. I love ideas. And that comes with problem-solving, working with the team, researching insights, sticking and unsticking thoughts on the wall until we come up with the one. I also love all the process that comes with bringing them to life: from crafting to sourcing and working closely with partners to produce. At GTB I am responsible for conceptualising, designing and producing cross-platform campaigns for more than 20 markets in Europe. 


I never regret becoming an ad girl and I am still amazed at how the landscape of what we do is constantly changing and evolving and I am always excited to find new ways of reaching people in this digital era.