Fresh Starts.

We launched STR8 in a cluttered deodorant market with a simple promise: feeling fresh boosts your confidence. So, we wanted to inspire people to channel that confidence in starting fresh in what they want in life. ‘Spray your truth’ became an online platform that connected people with their passions and inspired them to be bold in chasing them. The campaign launched in 7 markets and got recognized in Dybai Lynx. 

Director: Ali Ali
Thodoris Zacharakis

Production Company: Foss Productions
Producer: Michael Alexakis

Advertising Agency: Bold Ogilvy & Mather

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Lazaros Nikiforidis
Associate Creative Director:
George Kanellopoulos

Senior Art Director: Dimitra Karagianni
Copywriter: Panos Miriagos