The upside of going on a 3-month diet was this personal project it inspired me to pursue. So, credits to salads and fruit. And having too much of them made me realize that showing up on a date with lettuce stuck between your teeth can be one of the most embarrassing moments in life. And there’s no second chance for a first impression. That gave me an idea for a simple solution that could get you out of that difficult situation when there’s no toothpicks at hand’s reach. I developed ‘Stuck’. Bright-coloured boxes with individual paper folders, each with 4 flavoured toothpicks. Just slip a folder into your pocket and feel confident that nothing will ruin your date or meeting. 

A personal project that got the best recognition I could ever had. Showcased in the "Concepts we wish they were real" by,

Packaging of the World, World Packaging Design Society and got awarded with a Silver Award in International Design Awards in Los Angeles.