Noone will admit it, but despite knowing it puts our life at serious risk, a lot of us still text and drive. Traditional campaigns don’t seem to do the trick so to help change this habit we wanted to reach people at the exact place and time they fall into the trap of using their phones. On the road. And instead of using an existing medium, we created a new one. We transformed an ordinary ambulance into a ringtone ambulance and created a new way to reach people, exactly when and where they are tempted to use their mobile devices: on the road. We simply replaced the siren of ambulances with popular ringtones and text message tones. The campaign deployed in some of the busiest streets in Athens, while traffic was still, got big publicity and got shared by hundreds of thousands people, picked up awards and helped affect behaviors when it comes to using technology responsibly. 

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Athens

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Lazaros Nikiforidis
Associate Creative Director: 
Panos Petropouleas,

Senior Art Director: Karagianni Dimitra
Copywriters: George Bousdoukos, Iakovos Alifantakis

Art Director: Panos Pagonis