The Life Network

Cosmote, the leading telecommunications company in Greece, wanted to launch its 4G network services offering almost perfect coverage across the country. We built the campaign on a simple insight: we all have stories to tell where a phone call, a message or email played a very important role in our lives. So, we created a platform for people to share their stories that in turn populated the campaign in all media.

From being able to make it to a wedding, to forming a band remotely to celebrating birthday with family and friends on a train, the campaign stood out for its authenticity. 


Advertising Agency: Ogilvy, Athens

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Lazaros Nikiforidis
Creative Directors
Yorgos Kuveliotis, Yorgos Kanellopoulos

Associate Creative Director: Dimitra Karagianni
Copywriter: Panos Miriagos