The museum without a home

In 2015 Greece was facing a huge humanitarian crisis on top of its significant financial challenges. The Greek islands, previously flooding with tourists, now had to welcome and accommodate the huge refugee waves. Greeks, a very hospitable nation, were now bending over the pressure facing their businesses as tourism, the country’s most important industry, was starting to suffer because of all the refugee camps. To awaken the spirit of humanity instead of a campaign Amnesty International and Oxfam UK, launched a museum unlike any other. A museum that much like the people whose stories it told, had no home. Its exhibits were spread throughout the city in public squares, train stations, bus stops, public buildings, malls, theatres and cinemas, even inside the biggest and most iconic museums in Athens like the New Acropolis Museum, the Museum of Modern Art, the Museum of the city of Athens, the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. Simple objects told personal stories of acts of kindness from one human being to another. The Museum Without a Home got traction in global media and the exhibition was hosted in some of the biggest cities in the world from New York to Vancouver and from Belgrade to Glasgow, Cambridge and London picking up new exhibits of kindness along the way. It also picked up a lot of awards like 2 Grand Prix in the National Awards and a European PR Excellence Award.

Advertising Agency: Bold Ogilvy & Mather

Deputy Executive Creative Director: Lazaros Nikiforidis
Associate Creative Directors: 
Panos Petropouleas, Dimitra Karagianni
Copywriter: George Bousdoukos, Iakovos Alifantakis

Art Directors: Panos Pagonis, Spiros Sourlatzis, Costas Papanestis