This is a selection of print campaigns I did and still love. Most of them are awarded in shows and featured in showcases like Luerzer’s Archive. They showcase my crafting skills but also the way I work with photographer, illustrator and retouching partners. 

The Blender

Greece is famous for its beautiful beaches and islands. However, it’s also risking becoming famous for the plastic that ends up in its sea. Mediterranean SOS organize regular clean-ups across the country. So, when they came to us for a campaign to recruit volunteers we wanted to point out that certain things are not meant to blend together. Especially when it’s plastic that could turn into millions of micro plastics, that would centuries to disappear from the water. The campaign made it into the 50 campaigns that made it in the WPP Sustainability Report showcase. 

Featured in 

WPP Pro Bono Work 2016

Edible Lingerie 


The things you would do for your loved one on Valentine’s Day. However, you don’t have to go to such lengths as to share edible lingerie now that Domino’s saved the day by creating a heart shaped pizza. What you have for dessert though, is still up for grabs. I still wouldn’t recommend edible lingerie. 

The Bride


Marriage is very high on the list of things every girl will plan meticulously on for months, even years. This print ad for a hairdresser’s studio that provides bride’s haircuts felt like getting married in Vegas. It was produced in just days with a lot of personal effort and great friends: from the photographer and the illustrator to the model and the retoucher it everyone thew their talents in enthusiastically because they loved the concept. We shot the bride and then worked with real hair to compose the dress. The campaign was awarded in the National Ermis Awards and picked up a Silver in the International Design Awards in Los Angeles.

See the thread of breast cancer

before it's too late. 


You can never be too sensitive when it comes to raising awareness for health issues. I was invited to take part in a design exhibition dedicated to fighting breast cancer. This is the poster I designed and got exhibited.

Your Child


I was asked to make a leaflet for a Dog Day Care service in London. It ended up featured in Luerzer's Archive Issue. 

Make Bad Coverage, History.


When it comes to statues, Greece is definitely not short of them. When Wind telecommunications briefed us to promote its 4G network coverage to incoming tourists in airports we used the statues’ heroic poses to showcase Wind’s exceptional 4G network. 

The Gum Beggars


Trident is one of the most popular chewing gums in the Cadbury portfolio. And during the brainstorming one of us showed up with a pack that got instantly attacked by everyone who started stealing off that person. And that gave us a strong insight to build a campaign on all the people who ‘steal gum in many different ways: the one who takes your last one, the one who gets an extra one for a friend or the worst, the one who doesn’t even bother asking first. 

Illustrator & Junior Art Director: Costas Papanestis